As a premier technology company, independent innovation is our core.

As a premier technology company, independent innovation is our core.


Corporate Culture

We believe the rapidly R&D and application of high-tech is the basis and key for the continuous development of enterprises.



SHENZHEN WELDSMT MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional supplier of environmentally lead-free SMT equipment,specializing in the production and sales of lead-free reflow soldering machines, lead-free wave soldering machines, automatic solder paste printing machines, industrial robots and other automated equipment.



  • Introduction to lead-free reflow soldering

    The so-called reflow, in Surface Mount Technology (SMT), refers to the ingot or rod-shaped solder alloy, which is melted and then formed into tin powder (i.e. spherical tiny tin ball), and then mixed with organic auxiliary materials (flux) to form solder paste; Reflow soldering refers to the proc...

  • Discussion on lead-free reflow welder

    Lead free reflow welder, also known as lead-free reflow welder, is a lead-free welding machine developed with the development requirements of lead-free welding and the emergence of miniaturized electronic products. It is mainly used for the welding of various surface assembled components. Advant...

  • Five trends in the future development of SMT placement machines

    The placement machine is currently more and more electronic production equipment used in electronic production plants. It is also an automated production equipment. As people’s requirements for placement products become more intelligent and refined, the development of placement machines is also i...

  • High-end Mobile Phone SMT Line Debugging Completed

    Weldsmt cooperated with FUJI to complete the installation and commissioning of three mobile phone SMT production lines, and the installation and commissioning of three top 10 zones reflow soldering machine were completed. Wish customers business is booming!

  • Weldsmt Strategic Partner

    Weldsmt has been committed to providing customers with a complete set of intelligent equipment solutions. Over the years, we have continued to innovate and diversify development, integrate upstream and downstream resources, improve the electronics production technology industry chain, and serve c...